Runway 4.0

A collection of items for the Runway, 4.0 Fashion Show. Concept Board, Color, Fabric and Print Board along with 6 Layouts. Created in mind of the theme "REPURPOSE, REINTERPRET, REGENERATE". THE NEW BROOD encompasses a mixture of past historical cultures and eras, including the old west, the 60’s Summer of Love, the Transcendental Movement of the 19th Century, as well as mixing in present day Amish culture and the modern movement of moving toward a simpilar, more frugal time. Tradtitional symbols and natures beauty are intregrated into a patchwork of fresh patterns for a new generation.

Buffalo Loves Cotton

CREATED IN MIND OF THE FOLLOWING THEME: BUFFALO LOVES COTTON: Integrating cotton research into pattern making. "Imagine a lush Buffalo city skylight in a morning glow, surrounded by a field of soft, cotton plants. The sky, a soft blue and yellow hue takes in the abundance of Cotton plants stretching their leaves towards the heavens. Buffalo, in the distance, an "All America" city is waking up, ready to embrace cotton as the glorious king fiber that it is. Below, in the cotton fields, cotton Buffalo run free, ready to be captured and consumed for projects." Cotton cannot obviously thrive in Buffalo Climate, so this is what I would imagine it would look like early in the morning in an imaginary cotton field in Buffalo."