Buffalo Loves Cotton /...

“Soft Architecture” Cotton is a natural fabric every one can relate to and Buffalo New York is such a welcoming historical city, giving these two a perfect relationship. The patterns come from the inspiration of the cotton flower and the beautiful tiles on Buffalo downtown buildings, mixing hard and soft structures; while the garment silhouettes are formed after structured buildings. The colors are soft and feminine to help bring out the beauty in the clothes. The dresses and separates can be worn out on the town or out to brunch. The target market for Soft Architecture is 20-35 year old women.

Eastern Harmoney

The theme that was chosen was the melting pot theme. The two ideas being mashed are Chinese and Hindu. These were chosen because of the similar color palette but different cultural taste. The line will be a line a dresses including both prints and solids. It will be entitled Eastern Harmony. It will target women ages 20-30 and line features mostly evening wear.

Fall Fantasy

This line is inspired by the warm colors of fall and the playfulness in the atmosphere. The clothes are designed with casual and busy women in mind who have a lot to do to get ready for the holiday season. This line targets women 20-40 years of age.

Detail Dress

This is just one dress I did for detial and layers in Illustrator

Buffalo loves cotton R...

I designed all of these dress, while the fabric prints, patterns, and garments were sewn by fellow fashion textile and technology students for Runway 4.0

Runway 4.0 melting pot...

This is a dress i designed and made for the single item portion of the show. This dress was inspired by Hindu and Buddist religions. The dress is made in royal blue velvet with gold lining and handmade flowers coming down the neckline and back.


recolored handbags


these bags were created using net graphics and Adobe programs. the pattern was taken from an outside fabric source and two computerized prints were created.

music is art

buffalo park art show

Black and white

Children's wear in all black and white prints